Engaging Your Learners

Engaging your Learners Using an authoring tool like Articulate Storyline 360 or Adobe Captivate Written by: Christa Brown  WISER Highlights Fall 2021Do you provide pre-simulation learning content to your participants? In what ways will they interact with the...

Directors Corner 2021

Director’s Corner with Dr. Paul PhrampusWISER Highlights  Fall 2021Happy Fall! Continuing along in these crazy times will make us stronger in the future! At least that’s what I continuously tell my kids. We have had an exhilarating time here at WISER. Two new...

WISER Visiting Scholars Program: Fellowship

Course Abbreviation WISER VSP: FP Upcoming Class Dates (MM/DD/YYYY) No Future Classes Are Scheduled At This Time. Authors Tom Dongilli, Debby Farkas, Adam Kukic, John Lutz, Steve Nelson Director Thomas Dongilli Administrator No administrators are assigned to this...

Director’s Corner Winter 2023

Director’s Corner with Dr. Paul PhrampusWISER Highlights Winter 2023Greetings Friends of WISER, We enjoyed a very busy fall at WISER. Starting with our most exciting news, WISER was successfully re-accredited by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare in all areas of...

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SIMS 3.0 WISER Highlights Summer 2022

WISER Migrates to SIMS 3.0 WISER Highlights Summer 2022Last month marked a major milestone for WISER and SIMS 3.0. WISER IT staff migrated the 17 years of WISER SIMS 2.0 data to the new SIMS 3.0 platform. The Simulation Information Management System (SIMS) is the...

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Rapid Response Symposium WISER Highlights Summer 2022

WISER Leads the First WISER / UPMC Rapid Response Symposium WISER Highlights Summer 2022Mr. Smith, a 71-year-old male patient, enters the hospital with the need for an emergent appendectomy. Shortly after surgery, he arrives at the unit and is doing well.  About an...

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