WISER Academy is a resource for healthcare simulation professionals looking to expand their skills and understanding of simulation. Recognizing the needs of the adult learner, WISER Academy courses utilize multiple learning modalities, such as videos, interactive learning modules, and worksheets to provide an engaging experience for participants.


CPD credits are available for all courses (especially helpful for those seeking CHSOS, CHSOS-A, CHSE, or CHSE-A credits).


WISER is accredited by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) in Teaching, Assessment, Research, Systems Integration, and Fellowship Programs.

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Essentials for Simulation Center Management

Leadership & Strategic Planning of a Simulation Center:

Vision & Mission

Program Design

  • Center Model
  • Capital infusion
  • System(s) Integration ROI via System(s) support

Strategic Relationships
Policy & Procedures
Quality Improvement / Programmatic Quality Assurance
Marketing / Branding
External Revenue Streams
Future Planning

Simulation Center Operations Management

Day-to-Day Overview of a simulation center

Simulation Design & Considerations

    • Manikins
    • Task Trainers / Hybrid
    • Standardized Patients
    • Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality
    • AV Equipment

Administrative Support
Scheduling Support
Curriculum Support
IT Suppoert
LMS/Center Management Systems
Education Overview

    • Simulation Based Education
    • Curriculum Design
    • Teaching/Instruction
    • Assessment

Administrative Management of a Simulation Center

Operational Budget

    • Program Budgets
    • Salary considerations
    • Billing
    • Purchasing & Payments
    • ROI

Costing Out Center Use
Human Resources

    • Hiring & Onboarding
    • Performance Reviews & Documentation
    • Professional Development
      • Career Ladders
      • Promotion
      • Merit Increases

Creating a team & positive environment

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Our iSIM course is offered in various worldwide locations and we have had preceptors from all over the world spend time watching and learning at WISER.

Fellowship & Visiting Scholars Program


is designed to educate Healthcare Simulation Operations Specialists (HSOS) on the key tasks associated with the daily operations and maintenance of a simulation center.

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