Thank you for your interest in touring WISER. Please review the following information and complete the request form. WISER now offers two types of tours.
A General tour and a Factfinder tour. Below are the descriptions of both.

General Tour

  • Target Audience: grade and high schools, individuals seeking general or broad information about WISER Note: Tours For Schools: Due to the heavy demand, WISER conducts tours for middle and high school groups on Tuesdays between 1:00 and 4:00. When you submit your tour request for your school group, please select from those days and times. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • 1 hour in length
  • Maximum of 15 people
  • General focus tour
  • Walk through of facility
  • Tours conducted by volunteers or WISER staff

Factfinder Tour

  • Target Audience: healthcare institutions, universities interested in creating simulation based training programs.
    Industry and others looking for detailed information about WISER and WISER related projects.
  • Maximum of 12 people
  • Detailed agenda
  • Tours and meetings conducted by members of WISER leadership
  • Detailed, informative tours
  • Recommendations for your next steps
  • Information packets provided about WISER, courses, publications and other related information
  • Includes information about commercial simulation services available through UPMC

WISER Tour Request Form

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