WISER Migrates to SIMS 3.0 

Paul Phrampus

WISER Highlights Summer 2022

Last month marked a major milestone for WISER and SIMS 3.0. WISER IT staff migrated the 17 years of WISER SIMS 2.0 data to the new SIMS 3.0 platform. The Simulation Information Management System (SIMS) is the scheduling, learning management, and report system that WISER uses to run its daily operations. It has been in development for three years, with more than a dozen institutions across the world using it to run their programs. This summer, the development team was able to add the last features (payment integration, as well as automated integration into the AHA HeartCode system) that allowed WISER to move over to the platform.  The team migrated 46,000 user accounts, nearly 700 courses, and more than 50,000 classes from as far back as 2005. This was a combined effort of WISER IT, Operations, Administrative staff, as well as the support and efforts of WISER faculty. We look forward to using the new system to improve our delivery of education to healthcare providers in the coming years and are excited to continue to expand its functionality.  


If you are interested in learning how SIMS 3.0 can help your simulation program, please contact us at wiserhelp@upmc.edu. 


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