It’s been a busy year for the WISER operations team! Over the past 12 months, the operations team now supports WISER’s main 20,000 sq. ft. facility and 12 satellite centers throughout the UPMC Health System. Additionally, we’ve developed a new partnership to support 6 of UPMC’s Schools of Nursing simulation programs. This partnership and our continued dedication to expanding the reach of WISER reflects our commitment to advancing healthcare education and training.  

To meet the demands of this expansion, the operations team has increased its workforce and now has 10 Simulation Specialists. Simulation Specialists play a crucial role in ensuring effective simulation-based learning experiences. All eligible operations team members have obtained their CHSOS certification, illustrating their commitment and dedication in supporting educational programs that develop competencies and skills needed to provide excellent clinical care.  

 These additions increased our faculty numbers by more than 160 instructors as well. Their expertise and dedication contribute to WISER’s mission in promoting and improving patient safety.  

We look forward to sharing our best practices in areas relating to schedule management, scenario design, and technical support with you over the next year!