This year’s record attendance at the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) in San Diego provided great interest for our Simulation Information Management System (SIMS). SIMS is the platform that WISER, and many other programs, use to manage simulation education activities. We were delighted to see long-standing colleagues and experts in the field of healthcare simulation, and programs from across the globe were interested in how SIMS can support their needs.  

There was significant interest in the scheduling aspects of SIMS, especially from programs that are expanding and looking for an easy solution to manage many simultaneous classes and resources. The reporting features, such as utilization statistics, rosters, and completion metrics, were also highlights of SIMS. These metrics, in easy to generate reports, allow programs to illustrate current educational efforts and the goals the program is meeting.  

We also had a great opportunity to sit down with many of our clients in a group setting to discuss the development of SIMS for the next year. This was an excellent chance for us to get feedback on our plans and generate new ideas from the users of SIMS. This meeting was such a success that we plan on making this an annual event at the IMSH! We appreciate the valuable time our clients spent with us and their collaboration in advancing SIMS.  

Shortly after the IMSH, we released the latest version of SIMS. With the new update, course administrators can now bulk upload users. This feature ensures new user accounts are quickly and easily added in the system, without the risk of creating duplicate accounts. 

As for the future enhancements, we are taking the feedback from our current and prospective clients and using that to prioritize our development roadmap for 2024 and beyond. Keep an eye out for the latest updates to SIMS! For more information about SIMS, visit our webpage!

If you think SIMS might be a good addition to your program, please contact us at and set up a demo today!