Dr. Binlin Luo, a Surgeon in the Department of Plastic Surgery from the Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University, feels there were many lessons he learned while participating in his Preceptorship.  Starting in December 2019, Dr Luo?s areas of study were the Standardized Patients (SP) Program, Curriculum design, course evaluation and assessment, and learning the GAS debriefing model.

Dr. Luo believes that everything he has learned will be implemented once he returns.  He hopes to develop a standardization for his SP program which includes operations, specialties and assessments.  Dr. Luo hopes to design and run scenarios that can be combined with their national standards.  He would also like to utilize all the teaching, debriefing and assessment models he learned and implement them within his department and university.  

Lastly, Dr. Luo intends on registering for the Professional Trainer Certificate Program once he returns home.  He is very grateful for all of the opportunities he has had while at WISER.  We wish Dr. Luo all the best as he works towards his professional and personal goals!