WISER is pleased to welcome two new fellows to the WISER family: Dr. Fang Fang Li from The Second Military Medical University (SMMU) in China and Dr. Xiaoyun Guo from the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University.  Both Dr. Li and Dr. Guo will complete a one year fellowship at WISER.

Dr. Li is an associate professor at the School of Nursing at SMMU.  She is also the head of the simulation center and is in charge of the correspondence education affairs for the School of Nursing.  Dr. Li has her PhD in Nursing Education.  While at WISER, Dr. Li hopes to achieve a cooperative relationship with WISER to help train teachers in simulation education.  She also hopes to gain a better understanding of the Simulation operating mechanisms of WISER which includes scenario programming, simulation equipment education and room set-up.  Dr. Li would like to learn the differences between the simulation centers in the United States and the center in China in order to find a way to improve the efficiency of the simulation center at her school.  Lastly, Dr. Li would like to learn the standard way of creating curriculum for simulation and how to build and operate a simulation center.

Dr. Xiaoyun Guo is an associate professor in the Gastroenterology Department at First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University for the past twelve years.  Her research interest while at WISER includes integrating simulation and assessments as a tool for education, learn all areas of simulation and running a simulation center, understand the infrastructure of WISER and discover how WISER develops curricula for medical education in the simulation world.

WISER staff extends a warm welcome to Dr. Li and Dr. Guo!  We look forward to working with you to achieve your goals!

Dr. Fang Fang Li                             Dr. Xiaoyun Guo