Staff Spotlight:

Kimberly Mitchell

Paul Phrampus

WISER Highlights Summer 2022

Position: Web Application Developer 

How would you describe your job to someone who’d never heard of it?  

I usually tell new people I meet that “I do computer programming for a medical simulation program at Pitt.” I’ve been surprised how many have responded with “WISER? – that’s cool!”. I have found that WISER has an excellent reputation with medical professionals and educators locally and internationally. 

How long have you been at WISER?

I have worked for the University of Pittsburgh for 27 years, the last 18 years at WISER. 

What do you like best about your job?

I like working with the users of our SIMS application to figure out what tools we can provide to make their jobs easier. It’s a great feeling when we get feedback on new features like “you can’t believe how much time this will save me.” It’s also nice when we demonstrate the application to potential new clients and hear, “this is exactly what we need.” 

Project you’re most proud of and why:  

I’m most proud of the new SIMS 3.0 application because we had the opportunity to start fresh in a modern programming language that allowed us to create a more user-friendly interface and robust tools. We were also able to put 20+ years of Simulation Center experience into it and design a unique product that no one else offers. 

Professional background you’d like to be highlighted:

I have a dual BA in Business and Communications and an MS in Information Science, both from the University of Pittsburgh. 

Hobbies/interests outside of WISER: 

Outside work, I can usually be found at my children’s various sports and activities, including football, swim team, and marching band. I volunteer with several related booster groups, helping with websites and social media. I particularly enjoy chaperoning for marching band, as I was a “band geek” myself, and I am looking forward to traveling with our high school band to the Peach Bowl this December. I also enjoy Pitt football games and tailgates with my Pitt Band friends, and I am excited to continue to watch Kenny Pickett with the Steelers. 

Family info:

My husband Eric and I met our freshman year at Pitt and have been married for 27 years. We have four children, Claire, a senior at Pitt in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, and our triplets, Bobby, Jack, and Will, who just began their sophomore year of High School. We also have two dogs, Bear and Penny, who keep me company when working from home and sometimes decide they want to be part of Zoom calls. 

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