Early Mornings for Simulation Operations Team 

Paul Phrampus

WISER Highlights Spring 2022

The time is 5:45 am. Most simulation centers are closed, lights off, and staff are sound asleep. Not WISER! 

Director of Operations Tom Dongilli and Manager of Simulation Services Martin Mayer are in the cath lab getting ready to call a code on a patient who has had an unexpected cardiac arrest. Simulator placed on the bed, programmed scenario loaded—it’s time to activate the team! 

Meanwhile, simulation operations specialists are all traveling to five different satellite locations and the main WISER center to kick off training sessions throughout the day.  

This is all part of WISER’s commitment to patient safety, improving quality of care, and educating our providers. WISER is honored to partner with various hospitals to supply such services. 

Education and Simulation Improving Healthcare