Greetings Friends of WISER!

In this edition we are happy to welcome several amazing new team members to our ever-expanding WISER staff! We continue to thrive because we have such an excellent team with extraordinary capabilities and dedication to our mission focusing on education and simulation as critical tools associated with learning, research, and patient safety efforts. 

WISER is partnering with the six UPMC Schools of Nursing to help to increase their capabilities with simulation-based learning. We have concluded site visit needs assessments and completed initial faculty development training for over 100 nursing school faculty and staff. Additionally, our internal IT team has partnered with the local sites to ensure smooth fit and function with the specialized nuances associated with simulation equipment.

We are excited to say that our Simulation Information Management System (SIMS) version 3.0 has been installed in several new partner sites, and is continuing to provide a remarkably upgraded set of tools that are helping people manage their simulation centers. We continue to receive great reviews from those who have been using the new version, as well as collecting suggestions that help us guide further development.

Our upcoming internal UPMC Symposium focusing on Rapid Response Teams (RRT) is approaching “sold out” status! It is sure to be another successful exchange of information and learning that supports our ongoing efforts to respond to hospital patients in distress. I think of our RRT’s as the “safety net of safety nets” inside of the hospital. Patients who are unexpectantly deteriorating inside of the hospital are an extremely vulnerable population. They benefit from the response of a fresh set of eyes associated with a team that all bedside care providers feel safe and comfortable activating. As UPMC continues to grow this forum allows for sharing of successful strategies, designs and improvements to existing systems spanning from hospitals that serve as academic medical centers as well as those providing care in rural areas!

We have been planning for our upcoming attendance at IMSH 2024. Our staff and faculty have had numerous presentations accepted as learning content for the meeting. Additionally, we will once again have a booth in the IMSH exhibit hall to allow for making new simulation friends as well as networking with our colleagues we already know. Please stop by our booth to say hi and learn more about what we are working on at WISER!

Until Next Time, Happy Simulating!