WISER’s Curriculum team shows a dedication to excellence! Over the past few months, WISER has begun a thorough examination of the courses we offer, both onsite at our Oakland campus as well as at our satellite centers across Pittsburgh. In addition to the ongoing documentation of the success regarding the vast courses we support, our curriculum team has conducted a variety of interviews with instructors and participants. The purpose of these interviews was to gauge how participants thought their clinical skills and judgements were impacted concluding the simulation-based education experience. We also wanted to provide participants with an opportunity to reflect on how their learning experiences may impact their future practicing in their related fields. Additionally, conducting these interviews provided us an opportunity to photograph firsthand learning in the classroom for a variety of simulation activities. During this process, we have discovered several ways in which our simulation specialists and curriculum team have gone above and beyond to service the dynamic needs of instructors and participants! We are pleased to share some of the kind testimonials we received from instructors during our interview process.  

“WISER has taken a lot of the burden off me and the clinicians running the course by ensuring our equipment is ready to go, troubleshooting technical issues, helping run the simulations and just being generally available. Our clinicians are busy and volunteer their time to assist with this course so to have the help is immensely appreciated. We would not have a successful course without them!” 

“…My experience with WISER has been fantastic with the team in terms of support setting up the course on the website and scheduling, and really easily always putting in my requests and getting a pretty quick turnaround. And then just any new wrinkles we throw in, the teams always here readily available to support us with that.” 

“…It’s been such an easy partnership with WISER because having the simulation techs come up and run the computer and run the scenarios through has been great and it’s very easy to schedule the classes. We just go on, we pick the classes, and then we have this room. And we do this class once a month, so we’re like a high user of the sim lab.”