How does one show their leadership in the field of healthcare simulation? How are clinical simulation technicians identified as experts? The Certified Healthcare Simulation Operations Specialist® (CHSOS®) certification, developed by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH), was created in order to recognize and identify the advanced skill set, impact and influence of exemplary operations specialists. The SSH Dictionary defines an Operations Specialist as follows: 

  • An individual whose primary role is the implementation and delivery of a simulation activity through the application of simulation technologies such as, computers, audio-visual, or networking technologies.  
  • An inclusive “umbrella” term that embodies many different roles within healthcare simulation operations, including simulation technician, simulation technology specialist, simulation specialist, simulation coordinator, and simulation AV specialist. While many of these individuals also design simulation activities, this term refers to the functional role related to the implementation of the simulation activities. 

Seeing the value in such a certification, WISER has developed several internal training programs for Simulation Specialists to aid them in receiving their CHSOS®. We are passionate about identifying best practices to improve healthcare simulation education, which is why we are pleased to announce all WISER Simulation Specialists that are eligible for CHSOS® are certified. WISER’s own Director of Operations, Tom Dongilli, was one of the initial 9 people in the world to receive the CHSOS-A advanced certification.  

As a testament to our commitment to the Simulation Operations Specialist community, WISER has developed the TechSim Onsite and TechSim Online programs. These programs are mapped to the CHSOS Examination Blueprint and are designed for those externally wishing to receive training to help prepare them for their CHSOS® certification. To register for the TechSim Online program, click here. If you are interested in learning more about how the TechSim programs can help you obtain your CHSOS certification, please send us an email at