We just added a great new feature to SIMS: QSE Reminders! QSE stands for Quizzes, Surveys, and Evaluations and is how we collect information from SIMS participants and assess learners. This new functionality allows users to complete those forms at various times through their educational experience. Some forms can be available as soon as they are enrolled in an event, and some may only be available at some pre-determined time, say after the event has concluded. SIMS tracks the completion for each form for each user. This new feature tracks who has completed what forms and what is still owed. For users that owe forms, an automated email goes to them, reminding them to complete their requirements. The reminders can be set for anytime during the event cycle and it will only check for QSE that are available at that time. This frees up instructors, course directors, or administrators from needing to track and remind users to complete needed tasks.  

If you are interested in understanding how SIMS can help your simulation efforts, please contact us at wiserhelp@upmc.edu