This year, WISER worked closely with one of our hospitals to roll out a new method of competency assessment for our nurses and unlicensed assistive personal.  A key component of our new model of competency assessment is offering a variety of choices for staff to select from in order to verify their competence.  

At the end of 2019, a new policy for blood and blood component administration was released which prompted this hospital to include blood administration in the 2020 competency assessment period.  

With the assistance of the WISER development team, they were able to create a program that included scenarios of patients who experience a change in clinical status during a transfusion which allows them to evaluate the administration process, as well as how the nurses respond in real time.

The hospital received positive feedback regarding this simulation and the staff enjoyed the ability to choose simulation as an option for competency assessment. In fact, the Simulation Center Director at this hospital suggested “We are excited to continue to offer additional simulation opportunities for our competency assessments.”

They went onto state: 

We’ve been able to utilize simulation with courses geared towards physicians, transporters and nursing, as well as multidisciplinary approaches. From the initial planning stages to the initiation of new courses, as well as revamping current courses, the staff at WISER has assisted our team in making our educational goals a reality. 

Excellence and innovation is one of the core values of UPMC, and thanks to WISER, we can continue to expand our offerings to current staff. We have multiple simulation rooms for participants to utilize high and low-fidelity simulation, as well as skill stations to enhance the role of healthcare providers. My whole team is so excited to continue to work with WISER to reach new heights!”