WISER recently assembled a new infrastructure to do video productions. This was designed and constructed by Dr. Paul Phrampus and the WISER staff and is located in our 4th-floor west area at McKee Place (hence the name “Studio 4 West”). 

We’ve combined a number of technologies to allow the easy creation of both live and recorded high quality videos. The recent advances in video technology has allowed, for a relatively low price, the production of extremely good video. 

WISER’s initial project for this new facility were the daily live broadcasts during the Society for Simulation in Healthcare’s Simulation Week. Topics of the broadcasts varied from simulation leadership to technical aspects of remote education, and showcased our new capabilities. Video was streamed to both our YouTube and Facebook channels. Archives of the broadcasts remain on both sites.  

We are looking forward to more live events in the near future. We will also be using the studio to easily create new course content with a level of quality that will be unsurpassed. Keep an eye out on our social media accounts for upcoming events!

Dr. Paul Phrampus, Tom Dongilli and John Lutz get ready to go live for Healthcare Simulation Week 2020.