Turn to page one hundred fifteen (115) in the Comprehensive Healthcare Simulation: Program & Center Development book and you will notice a familiar name listed for Chapter 16- “Policies and Procedures: Key Considerations”.  It is none other than our Director of Operations, Tom Dongilli!

In this chapter, Tom lists the reasons why the creation of policies and procedures are vital to the foundation of any simulation center.  Having policies and procedures “…establishes clear delineation of job responsibilities, system (simulation center) responsibilities, and customer service expectations.”  Creating policies and procedures is not an easy or small task and needs to be fluid so they can evolve over time.  The chapter lists the key benefits of having a policies and procedures for a simulation center, where to begin to create your P & Ps, creating a template and a list of P & Ps that you will have both for internal and external.  Some examples of a list of P & Ps is:

  • Instructors
    • Code of conduct – for them, for their students
    • Course development
    • Evaluation
    • Conflict resolution
  • Customer Relations
    • Dispute resolution
    • Marketing of your center
    • Use of center’s name
    • Information dissemination
    • Media policy
  • Equipment
    • Loaning of equipment
    • Repair and maintenance
    • Offsite utilization
    • Off hours utilization
    • Approval process
    • What to expect from staff and from the borrower

These are just a few of the P & Ps to get you started on writing your own P & Ps for your center.  To read more about the key considerations for writing a P & P, check out Tom’s chapter “Policies and Procedures: Key Consideration” today.  This can be a critical part of running your successful simulation center!