?To be honest, at first, we did not have too much knowledge in simulation.  You lead us into the world as a simulation educator,? Dr. Lin Wang stated during her closing presentation.  ?You break the complicated knowledge into simple thing so all of us can remember the key point you have told us.?  Dr. Wang and her colleagues spent the last several months completing their Preceptorship through our Visiting Scholars Program.  Dr. Wang is an Attending Doctor of Reproductive Medicine and a Lecturer for Nanjing Medical University.

As with many of our Visiting Scholars, Dr. Wang had an interest in developing and designing curriculum specifically for her field of study, Reproductive Medicine.  She wants to design suitable curriculum for her students and residents.  Dr. Wang also wanted to learn about debriefing and areas of research she can conduct in simulation.

Dr. Wang hopes to use many of the teaching methods and techniques she learned at WISER in her own simulation center. In the future, she would like to focus on how to make use of technology to improve her students learning.  

As Dr. Wang focuses on what lies ahead of her when she returns to Nanjing, she can always look back and reflect on the knowledge she gained while at WISER.  We wish Dr. Wang all the best as she becomes a simulation educator!

Dr. Wang explains her future goals to the WISER staff during her final presentation.

Dr. Wang receives her certificate of completion from WISER Director, Dr. Paul Phrampus.