Our Visiting Scholars from the Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University are concluding their Preceptorship with us through our Visiting Scholars Program.  The final three months have been interesting to say the least, but our scholars have managed to continue to work on the goals they set when they arrived to WISER in December.  Now that WISER is back to full operations, we can attend our Visiting Scholars final presentations in person before they head home to Nanjing.

Dr. Jingjing Wang, a Lecturer and Associate Senior Doctor in OB/GYN, aimed to learn the best practices for training adult learners in simulation and in debriefing and assessment, plus how to develop courses and scenarios.  We are happy to say that Dr. Wang was able to check all of those off her to-do list!  Through a series of lectures, journal clubs, workshops, and course observations, Dr. Wang has achieved her goals!  Once she returns to Nanjing, Dr. Wang plans on finishing the development of her postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) course, develop a series of simulation courses for OB/GYN, conduct simulation research and instructor trainings.

We wish Dr. Wang all the best as she continues her journey in simulation!