Dr. Hui Chen along with his fellow colleagues came to WISER for a six-month Preceptorship that began in December 2019.  Dr. Chen is a Pediatrician at the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University in Jiangsu, China.  At present, the hospital is the best and biggest comprehensive hospital in Jiangsu, taking charge of four central roles for the whole province: medical treatment, medical teaching, scientific research, and hospital ethics activities. The hospital has 3,000 beds in the hospital and more than 5,000 employees.

Each member of the group from Nanjing Medical University have different occupations thus they each had separate goals to accomplish.  The group started their Preceptorship with the two-week WISER Foundations.  During that time Dr. Chen met with our subject matter experts to address his goals and outline his curriculum while at WISER.  Dr. Chen identified the following areas he wanted to work on while studying at WISER: learn advanced education ideas about teaching, improving his skills in facilitation and debriefing and learning how to simulate operations. 

While working on his goals, Dr. Chen has also attended course observations including:  Science of Resuscitation (ILS) and Anesthesiology Elective: Advanced Airway Management.  The Visiting Scholars Program also allows our Fellows and Preceptors to select and participate in elective courses and workshops.  Dr. Chen has attended several over the last few months starting with Audio Visual Solutions, Debriefing with Dr. Phrampus, Inpatient Crisis Response and Teaching Using Simulation.

We look forward to continuing to work with Dr. Chen as he continues his simulation journey!