WISER is excited to have several Visiting Scholars participating in our Visiting Scholars Program from the Second Affiliated Hospital Nanjing Medical University in China.  Dr. Jingjing is one of those scholars who is currently studying at WISER for six months.

Dr. Wang Jingjing works in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology as a lecturer and Associate Senior Doctor.  While working in her home institution, Dr. JingJing research experiences and interest revolve around Gynecological minimally invasive surgery, rescue of the Obstetric critical severity and the application of simulation teaching in clinical medicine.

Over the past few months Dr. Wang Jingjing has been learning how to advance her education ideas about teaching and improving her skills in facilitation and debriefing.  Dr. Jingjing along with her colleagues have attend several debriefing workshops with WISER Dr. Paul Phrampus and Associate Director Dr. John O’Donnell.  Dr. Jingjing has also observed a variety of courses at WISER including courses focusing on her goals and areas of expertise. 

As she continues her time here at WISER, she will learn how to simulate operations and further her learning in different aspects of simulation. We are happy to have Dr. Wang Jingjing as one of our scholars and look forward to helping her accomplish her goals!