Our WISER staff spotlight this month is John Lutz, Director of Information Technology and Co-Director of Research.  John started working with Drs. John Schaefer and Rene Gonzalez in the original lab which was located in Montefiore Hospital basement around 1995. He has been full time with WISER since 2001.

Where did you work prior to coming to WISER?  I’ve been with the University of Pittsburgh in the Department of Anesthesiology since 1987. 

What are your responsibilities?  I lead the team that develops, deploys, and maintains the information technology used at WISER and its 9 satellites. 

What have you gained by working at WISER?  I’ve gained an appreciation of the complexity of delivering safe, effective healthcare to patients. The work required to develop, train, and maintain skills and knowledge in today’s constantly evolving environment is a challenge, but one that I think we do an excellent job with.

Tell us something about yourself that nobody would know walking through the doors of WISER and meeting you?  I have a son that teaches undergraduate statistics at Pitt!