?Fantastic session!  Thank you for putting this together!? said one student of Dr. Christopher Schott?s 4th Year Critical Care Medicine course.  This was not a typical session for Dr. Schott or WISER staff and most certainly will not be the last.  On March 23rd WISER had their first remote learning course due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Nine students joined Dr. Schott using Zoom, a remote conferencing service that combines video conferencing, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration.

Dr. Schott used our standard small group simulation room with a Laerdal 3G manikin along with multiple computers to show Dr. Schott performing tasks on the manikin, a white board where instruction was provided to the students and the patient monitor for the manikin. A Simulation Operations Specialist (SOS) was running LLEAP software on the main computer behind the scenes, controlling the manikin and patient monitor.  Each student had an opportunity to be in the ?hot seat? and manage the case by directing Dr. Schott to perform tasks and then respond to the results.  The two hour class was a success with students commending both Dr. Schott and WISER for a ?Great first run for digital WISER!?.  More remote learning is scheduled this week and the weeks to come.

Dr. Christopher Schott remotely teaching his course.

Participant view of remote learning!